Pay Small-Small

Pay for your purchases over a period of 3 – 6 months 

How it works

All “Pay Small Small” options can only be effected when you visit any of our locations here
Up to N50, 000 (No Post Dated Cheques required)

Tenure: Maximum 3 Months

Interest Rate: 6% Flat Monthly

1. Walk into store and request loan up to N50, 000.

2. Sales agent assists with uploading loan request via APP and instant pre-qualification test is conducted.

3. Customer is confirmed as eligible to access loan.

4. Customer pays a minimum of 20% off phone value.

5. Remaining balance is paid on behalf of customer.

6. Customer leaves with phone and liaises with financing company for repayments.

Above N50, 000 (Post Dated Cheques and Guarantors required)

Tenure: 3-6 Months

Interest Rate: 2.6% flat rate monthly (3 months), 2.91% flat rate monthly (6 months)

  1. Walk into store and request loan up to N50, 000.
  2. Our Sales reps will conduct a pre-qualification check to determine if criteria can be met. These include:
    -Owning a current account with a cheque book
    -Must be a salary earner
    -2 guarantors required.
  3. You will be offered a choice to pick from our financing duration i.e between 3- 6 months. For 3 months you will be required to pay to pay an interest of 2.6% per month, and for 6 months you will be required to pay an interest of 2.91% per month.
  4. You will be provided with the following forms:
    -Account opening form
    -Finance application
    -Guarantor form
  5. Completed forms can be submitted at the store or online here.
  6. Once financing request is submitted, with all relevant documents tendered, feedback on approval or rejection is given within 24-48 hours.
  7. If finance is approved, you will be required to pay 25% of the value of the device as an upfront payment.
  8. A unique identifier will be sent to you (6 digit code & copy of regulatory ID card).
  9. Customer walks into any of our offline stores (link store locator here) to pick up device of choice.
  10. Device will be handed over to you upon presentation of a matching unique identifier.
  11. Customer leaves with phone and liaises with financing company for repayments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Pay Small Small about?

Pay Small Small is a financing option for customers looking to purchase Samsung mobile devices under an instalment scheme.

What products can I buy using Pay Small Small?

All Samsung phones and Samsung tablets from us are covered under this financing scheme.

Will I pay any interest on Pay Small Small?

Yes. This will depend on the loan amount and duration. For loans less than N50,000, a 6% flat rate will be charged over a 3 month period. For loans over N50,000, flat rates of between 2.6%-2.91% will be charged over a 3- 6 month period.

What are the available payment plans on Pay Small Small?

Loans from N50, 000 and under:  a 6% flat rate will be charged over a 3 month period. No post-dated cheque required.

Loans from N50, 000 and over:  Flat rates of 6% for 3 months and 2.91% for 6 months will be charged. Post-dated cheques are mandatory. You can see all Samsung phones and prices in Nigeria.

What happens if I fail to complete payment by the end of the agreed date?

You will be given another 30 days to pay up on any outstanding sums with a 2% default fee on total value charged. Item purchased may also be confiscated, and your guarantor/ referee or employer contacted. For lengthy defaults failing resolution, borrower will be charged under the criminal laws of Nigeria.

When do I receive my item?

You will receive your item once all necessary checks have been passed.

Will I be charged more if the price of the product eventually increases before I’m done paying?

No you will not be charged more. The agreed price and interest rate at the start of the contract will be what you will have to pay. No more!

Can I cancel an order?

Yes you can, provided the process is not yet complete.

How do I check how much I’ve paid and the outstanding balance?

You can choose to track your balance on your own a full breakdown on payment mechanism will be shared before the process is completed. Otherwise, please  get in touch with our financing partners from whom  loan was taken to determine your outstanding balance.

What are the benefits of Pay Small Small?

The low monthly repayments over the period will lead to more improved cash flow for the borrower. You will also take possession and use of the mobile device within the loan period.

Who should I contact if I have challenges with my purchase?

For challenges with product purchased, please send an email to our help desk: enquiries@rifugionigeria.com. For loan complaints, our financing partners will have to be contacted directly.

Is the installment payment automated?

Yes, the installment payment deductions are automated.

Do I have to make an initial payment before I start paying small small?

Yes. A down payment of not less than 20%-25% device value will be required.

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