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A guide to choosing the perfect Samsung Phone for you

A guide to choosing the perfect Samsung Phone for you

Buying a Smartphone can be daunting, especially if one hasn’t bought any in years or is purchasing one for the first time. There seems to be so much information to digest. 

We understand how difficult this process can be, hence this article. Here, we will be defining what a mobile phone is, its two major categories and uses. We will also be sharing a simple guide to selecting the perfect Samsung phone for you. Let’s begin!

What is a mobile phone?

A mobile phone also referred to as a cellular phone, cell phone, cell or hand phone, sometimes shortened to simply mobile, cell or just phone, is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area (Wikipedia). 

These types of phones can be categorized into two:

  1. Smartphone: This can be described as a mobile phone that performs numerous functions similar to that of a computer. These types of mobile phones have typically evolved to possessing touchscreen interfaces and are internet enabled.

Furthermore, these devices also feature special operating systems (commonly called “OS” in mobile lingo) that enable download of applications.  Some well-known operating systems for smartphones include Android OS (powered by Google), iOS (powered by Apple) and Windows OS (powered by Microsoft).

Fun Fact!

The prototype that birthed the modern-day smartphone called the Simon Personal Communicator was invented in 1992 by IBM and became available  for sale at a whopping $1100 ($2,049.82 today after adjusting for inflation) in 1994. The phone came equipped with a touch screen, fax and email functionality, calendar, address book and scheduler. It even featured an onscreen keyboard.

Several smartphones have emerged since then, with newer generations better than the previous. An awesome phone that makes appearances in numerous lists of the best smartphones in recent times is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Shop Now).

  1. Feature phone: this type of phone typically provides voice calling and text messaging functionality, in addition to basic multimedia and Internet connection offered by the user’s network provider. 

Although considered less innovative, possessing limited capabilities, the feature phone is perceived to be beneficial in areas such as low power requirements which lead to extended talk and standby times; low cost which means that they are easy to replace in cases of loss or theft; durability for rough use  and security as they are less susceptible to data hacks. 

Now that a basic understanding of what mobile phones and categories, we will now move on to how you choose the perfect Samsung smartphone for you.  Here are some criteria to consider:

  1. Operating System: Learn about the available operating systems and decide on which you would be most comfortable using i.e. is if opting for a smartphone. As stated above, options include Android OS, iOS, or Windows OS. 
  2. Budget: This covers how much you are willing to spend on the mobile phone and primarily dictates what options are available to you. Typically, more expensive phones come equipped with better and more innovative features than their less costly counterparts. Therefore, a robust budget is bound to get you a device with a higher specification than a modest one.  Although some phones offer limited variants in terms of pricing, others such as Samsung offer a wider range for customers to choose from. Typically, Samsung devices vary anywhere from as high as N900, 000 – N40, 000. You can see more Samsung phones and prices in Nigeria.
  3. Integration Capacity: It is important that consideration is given to devices already or previously owned as this determines the best level of cross-compatibility. For example, it is easier for Android devices to function with apps created by Google or Microsoft. It is not as easy to do this with Apple products, as these run on proprietary Apple software.
  4.  Features and Specifications: other features and specifications must then be determined; these include RAM, Storage, Camera Quality, Cellular Connectivity, Screen Size and Resolution, Battery, Sound, Colour etc.
  5. Warranty and After Sales Support: This is a crucial factor for many when choosing a smartphone. Many reputable brands offer a minimum of 1 year warranty on devices from purchase. This usually covers factory/ manufacturer’s defects as well as hardware malfunctions. In cases of damage caused by user, these brands provide service centres that assist with repairs. Do you have a Samsung phone that needs repair? View Service Centres.

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