S24 Series: Galaxy AI is coming!

Galaxy AI is coming!

Imagine this: you need to make a call to a business partner who doesn’t speak your language. Your personal assistant, who can translate, suddenly called in sick, and no amount of yelling or temper can heal her. So, you need an alternative. But all the apps you’re trying to use have a rather long sign-up process, and you don’t have time. Anxiety through the roof—now what do you do?

You relax and let AI handle this for you. With Live Translate Call, you don’t need an assistant or multiple apps anymore. Translations will appear as you call in real-time, making your conversations seamless and secure. This and many more possibilities will be available with the Galaxy AI from Samsung.

Galaxy AI is set to usher us into a realm where social connection hurdles fade away, and we get to experience seamless communication. Get ready to witness a revolutionary shift as Samsung unveils this groundbreaking series on the 17th of January, 2024. Get ready to be surprised by a series that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

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